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IPCM International Paint&Coating Magazine


2018-04-24 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda IPCM International Paint&Coating Magazine

IPCM International Paint&Coating Magazine: Out Now Issue n. 25 of ipcm® Protective Coatings! When we think of corrosion, those who are not acquainted with the theory and practice of metallurgy tend to think that it occurs only in surface weather conditions and on outdoor objects and structures. Insiders, however, know perfectly well that this is not the case: corrosion attacks metal substrates whether they are installed on the earth’s surface or beneath it, buried or submerged. And things become even more complicated if these assets are located on the surface, but offshore. This issue of ipcm_Protective Coatings, which inaugurates our seventh year of publication, presents an unprecedentedly wide variety of articles dealing with research, development, and innovative products engineered to effectively meet the specific needs of an industry. Read the magazine:

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