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2019-01-10 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda MODULA S.P.A.

MODULA S.P.A.: Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group is an authorized Volvo subsidiary that sells trucks for the Canadian branch of Chilliwack. The main problem was the small boxes and the spare parts spread around the warehouse. Finding the products was quite complex and consequently the operator lost a lot of time searching them. Thanks to Modula, the 80% of the space was recovered. ► Visit to explore all our Vertical Lift Module Solutions, designed to recover up to 90% of the floor space. Modula offers the best Automated Storage Solutions in the market. By choosing a Modula’s products can help your company to: ✔ recover up to 90% of valuable floor space ✔ improve picking accuracy ✔ increase productivity ✔ reduce the risk of injuries ✔ protect your products ✔ manage your inventory in real time Discover all the advantages of our innovative vertical lift module technology ► Our products can streamline operations in a wide range of industries: aluminium, automotive, ceramic, mechanical, metallurgical, paper, publishing, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic industry, and army, iron and steel sector or whatever. Take a look at our customer success stories and find out More how our products have helped companies in many industries ► Modula is present in 5 continents with dealers and branches located in over 30 countries. This guarantees a local presence to clients, allowing the company to provide first class support to all markets worldwide. Search your local representative ► h DO YOU WANT TO IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR WAREHOUSE STORAGE SYSTEM? Discover how Modula vertical automated storage systems can help increase productivity in your picking operations. Contact our local representative for more information about Modula or any of our products and services ►