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2019-09-20 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda SALVAGNINI ITALIA S.P.A.

SALVAGNINI ITALIA S.P.A.: “In future it will make no sense to talk of single machines or technologies” says Francesco Scarpari, Chairman of the Salvagnini Group. “It will be necessary to consider each investment as part of a series of inter-connected, adaptive machines, each one able to exchange high-level information with the others and with the outside environment, and to participate with different roles, purposes and timings in the production of a series of objects in the most efficient and profitable way possible, without compromising on part quality or the well-being of the operator supervising the process. I also believe that all businesses will be required to comply with ethical and environmental aspects, reducing the exploitation of resources and the causes of pollution. In the Salvagnini Social Industry, cyber-physical systems and digital technologies work together to improve working conditions and increase the productivity and quality of plants, developing cooperation between all the production process stakeholders - operator, machinery and tools - while respecting the environment. We believe in people and their ideas. We work towards innovative solutions. We develop intelligent factories. We believe in the advanced use of data coming from machinery. We design adaptive technologies for businesses that look to the future. This is our mission.” The interview, taken by Fabrizio Garnero for Deformazione magazine, is available here in its full Italian version!

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