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2019-10-18 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda SALVAGNINI ITALIA S.P.A.

SALVAGNINI ITALIA S.P.A.: Industry has changed: flexibility and efficiency are crucial requirements for managing increasingly smaller batches or rapid part code turnover. And developments in technology have in some way upset the balance between workloads, with increasingly fast systems which, however, need to be guided by more and more specific machine programs, the generation of which is increasingly time-consuming. “We realized that we had to make our programming activities more efficient, to maximize the performance of the systems installed in the workshop,” Stefano Cera, Salvagnini Product Manager, says. “To do this in the best way, we started again from our market and our customers: working alongside them and tackling their day-to-day problems. We realized that they focused more on their parts, their units and their finished products than on the technologies used to produce them. At that point, the natural evolution of our range could only be an integrated solution, which allowed for activities to be programmed throughout the whole production process, in which technology was almost a transparent element. And so we came up with STREAM.”

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